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Freedom First

believes in an open society based on minimum government and maximum freedom tempered by a sense of individual responsibility, in which the people's genius has a fair opportunity to develop and grow; and rejects any ideology, movement or policy that sets one group of citizens against another be it based on class, caste, religion or envy.


This website of Freedom First covers, inter alia, the archives of the journal since its inception in June 1952 up to July 2015 when it ceased the print publication owing to paucity of financial and personnel resources.

The last issue of July 2015 is in memory of Mr. S. V. Raju, editor of the journal for over three decades. In spite of all odds, Mr. Raju produced the journal regularly, and today, if the reader is able to access the past issues on this website, it is only due to Mr. Raju’s perseverance and conviction. He ensured that all issues of the journal since its inception are digitized and preserved for posterity.

The digital edition of Freedom First can be accessed at

The journal of the Indian Committee for Cultural Freedom
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