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Issue No.: 550 | April 2013

Preamble to a Farce

Firoze Hirjikaka
In a nation where sycophancy is rampant and the word ‘sir’ rolls readily off the tongue, individual dignity is a bit of a joke.

India's governments, irrespective of the party they belong to, have an unholy knack of making asses of themselves and cutting their own throats in the process. The latest idiocy is the diktat that boys and girls in Maharashtra's schools will have to compulsorily read the Preamble to the Constitution before starting classes. On the face of it, this seems like a laudable initiative. The irony lies in the fact that it is the same politicians that constantly make a mockery of the Constitution. Consider the following aspects of the Preamble.

The Preamble supposedly guarantees social, economic and political justice for all citizens. The unfortunate reality is that the poor of India, who constitute more than two-thirds of the population, rarely receives justice of any kind. The government knowingly perpetuates poverty in order to ensure a gullible vote bank that can be cheaply bought. The entrenched caste system imposes a social hierarchy that constantly puts obstacles in the path of those from the lower strata who aspire to elevate their position in society. As for political justice, the quality of our legislature and the preponderance of criminals speaks for itself.

Next comes liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship. The nominally liberal and secular democracy of India imposes the worst kind of censorship on the majority of citizens. Our country has thousands of self-styled moralists and do-gooders who seek to impose their warped thinking on free speech, writing, exhibition and broadcasting. They even vent their bigoted spleen on something as innocuous as a Facebook post. The government is culpable for its cowardice in meekly acquiescing in this unofficial dictatorship - and so is the police. Of course, the most insidious censorship is that on freedom of faith and religion. It is always a bunch of ignorant fanatics, who use hooliganism to ‘guide’ the faithful on their version of the right path, no matter how warped it may be.

Constitutionally, all Indians are guaranteed equality of status and opportunity. This is perhaps the most abused article of the Constitution. For a majority of citizens, their status is pre-determined by the caste they are born in; and so is their opportunity for advancement. Yes, there are sterling examples of those who have broken through the barrier, but these are few and far between. As for our political class, a prevailing feudal mindset ensures that the anointed leader enjoys near-absolute power and obedience.

The Preamble emphasizes fraternity, which is meant to ensure the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the nation. In a nation where sycophancy is rampant and the word ‘sir’ rolls readily off the tongue, individual dignity is a bit of a joke. So is the unity of the nation. Splitting the country along linguistic lines has resulted in a fractured polity where the Centre holds only nominal authority.

There you have it then; our worthy and impeccable Constitution, which is followed more in the breach than the rule. And now, millions of students will be reminded on a daily basis about how badly they and their country have been let down by their rulers. Come to think of it, it's not such a bad idea. 






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