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Issue No.: 550 | April 2013

Professor P. V. Indiresan, R.I.P



Padma Bhushan award winner and Electronic Engineer, Professor P. V. Indiresan and a good liberal passed away in Pune. He was 85. A resident of Delhi, he had come to Pune to chair the Election Commission’s technical committee on Electronic Voting Machines.

Educated at the Presidency College, Madras, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the University of Birmingham, UK, he taught at the University of Roorkee, IIT Delhi and IIT Madras. He was a distinguished Fellow of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, the Indian National Academy of Engineering, and Honorary Fellow of the Indian Railway Society of Signal and Telecommunication Engineers. It was his decision to revamp academic course content every five years at IIT, a practice that continues to this day.

In 2004, our sister organisation Project for Economic Education had the honour of publishing his  Dr. S. Ambirajan Memorial Lecture sponsored  by the Institute for Economic Education and the Public Expenditure Round Table on "Equity and Sustainable Development”. In this lecture, he discussed the scheme known as PURA (Providing Urban amenities in Rural Areas) championed by former Indian President Abdul Kalam. He dwelt in detail on the various aspects of PURA from concept to implementation.  A concept that must be taken forward as a solution to reduce, if not eliminate, the India-Bharat divide. 

He was an outspoken critic of reservations and the Common Entrance Examination on the ground that it would dilute the quality of the IITs. Professor Indiresan’s opposition to 27 per cent  reservation for Other  Backward Classes surprised many, because  of his proximity to  Arjun Singh the then Human Resource Development Minister.

We conclude with this typically Indiresan statement delivered while concluding his Ambirajan lecture.

"A former South Korean President remarked that South Korea is a small country that thinks big; India is a big country that thinks small. PURA is for those who are willing to think big, at least try big experiments. So far, apart from President Kalam, no one has picked up the courage to do so. The question is not money, but absence of will.”







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