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Issue No.: 550 | April 2013

Yet another Strike!

Kaiser Ansary
Once again, the advocates were on a nationwide strike today to protest against the baton charge on their fraternity in Rajasthan some weeks ago. The nonchalance with which advocates go on frequent strikes is, not just irresponsible, but also reprehensible. It reflects a culture of non-accountability, not only towards the Courts, but also their clients. Reprehensible because the Supreme Court has already declared strikes and boycotts to be unlawful. Yet the lawyers keep resorting to such antics with impunity. 

It is mainly because there exists no mechanism to enforce accountability for resorting to such unlawful strikes. Little do we realize the magnitude of hardships that we inflict upon the litigants and witnesses who take their days off and travel long distances to attend the Court proceedings. Imagine the agony of the arrestees / detainees being produced before the Courts and denied bail for want of services of an advocate. 

If political parties are now being taken to task for enforcing bandhs and are made to cough up substantial amounts by way of compensation by the High Court order, why not the Advocates’ Bar Associations and the Council? Unless Advocates mend their ways of protest, the day is not far when they will have to face a similar backlash and the penal verdict, too!

Advocate, Thane





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