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Issue No.: 560 | February 2014

The Good News and the Bad News

Prof. “KARGIL” M. Subramaniam
Your editorial* explains very well the contradictions in politics when in and not in power. You cannot expect the idealism of Swatantra Party or Mahatma Gandhi from Aam Admi Party because the background of some of its adherents is as shady as the political class they would
like to replace.

Anna Hazare’s three fasts at Delhi and the public outrage on his imprisonment gave a leg-up to Kejriwal. The indifference shown to Nirbhaya episode by those in power at Delhi gave a further boost to AAP.  However, since Anna Hazare has refused to have anything further to do with AAP and its political foray, now it is a movement of do-gooders in a ship without a rudder.

No doubt everyone in India would wish AAP and Kejriwal well and pray that he does not end up like either Jayaprakash Narayan or V. P. Singh as leaders of lost causes who failed to achieve their objectives since they could not manage the contradictions within.

Already advocate Prashant Bhushan has raised a storm over his advocacy against Kudankulam Atomic Power Plant and AFSPA in Kashmir. While he has the right to have contrarian views, whether they are also the official policy of AAP does seem to be in doubt. Moreover there have been a number of land deals wherein his family has been involved and doubts have been raised about conflict of interest. The large foreign funds received by AAP is another issue of controversy.

Public and social cause activism can get compromised with power politics. That is why Mahatma
Gandhi was not a member of the Congress Party. Let us look forward to interesting days and not live in interesting times (In Chinese metaphor it means you are going to live in troubled times.)

Prof. "KARGIL” M. Subramaniam, Chennai,

*Editor’s note: (In the soft copy (FF559) where the editorial goes out also as a letter, I had added the following paragraph: "I write this on the evening of January 1. The AAP is in power with Congress support. Hence they are in a great hurry to reduce the price of power and provide free water (two of their most prominent promises) before the Congress(I) pulls the rug from under their feet. And for this purpose they have, like most new governments, transferred officers (this certainly is not a good sign). They are exhibiting what one could describe as ‘nervous haste’. Perhaps some of their well wishers should persuade Arvind Kejrwal and his team to talk less. Incidentally Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav are not visible.

We are heading for some very interesting days!





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