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Issue No.: 560 | February 2014

The Congress Predicament

Eknaath Nagarkar
The Godhra sail may well have lost its wind but individual Congressmen who have been repeating it across the country for over 11 years seem to feel beleaguered by its ghost in the form of a rhyming name viz., Vadra and now the Party finds itself at the receiving end!

Whatever be the reasons for the Congress Party extending its support to the AAP; whether in order to prevent BJP from coming to power or to avoid going to the polls or by reason of gross miscalculation of assuming that a Party based on such high moral grounds would be just incapable of either governing or even surviving which in any case depends on their own so- called outside support, clearly now everything seems to have gone terribly wrong with this decision as we shall presently see for ourselves. While AAP threatens to take on Robert Vadra, the Congress Party finds itself in a helpless situation indeed!

As things stand, exposing the misdeeds of the Congress regime well within the short little time available between now and the fast approaching elections is crucial to BJP’s success at the national level. Even if Harsha Vardhan as leader of the principal opposition party feels tempted and may be more than willing to pull down the minority government, there is no telling if he might come under severe pressure from the party-honchos at the top, not only to refrain from doing that but even worse! He may be forced to extend support to the AAP in the event of the Congress Party threatening to withdraw support! After all what BJP could not have even dreamt of achieving in its wildest imagination, AAP seems to be already doing in double quick time too!







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