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Issue No.: 561 | March 2014

Professor Vijay Kumar Sinha (September 26, 1933 - January 22, 2014)

S. V. Raju
It is with a deep sense of sorrow we record the passing away of Professor Vijay Kumar Sinha. Professor Sinha taught at the Ruparel College, the SIES College, and the Ramnarain Ruia College from where he retired as vice-principal. He was a Governing Council Member of the Indian Education Society (IES), Chairman of the IES New English K. G. School, IES NewEnglish Primary School, IES New English Secondary School and the Chairman of the Society’s Junior College established in the year 2009 - all located in the Bandra Suburb of Mumbai.  The IES New English School Campus has 6500 plus students and who had the privi-
lege of his guidance, writes Bharati Hajari, Principal of the Junior College.

While academic pursuits and the cause of education enjoyed a high priority in his life, Professor Sinha was a close associate of and deeply influenced by the outstanding humanist and rationalist, the late Prof. A. B. Shah and participated with him with a missionary zeal in the spread of secular values. He was closely associated in the founding of the Indian Association for Cultural Freedom and its journal New Quest and later with the Indian Secular Society and its journal The Secularist.

Speaking at a meeting to condole his demise, Professor R. Srinivasan recalled that Professor Sinha and he studied together for both the graduate and post-graduate studies in the same university taking identical courses.Talking about his contribution to the humanist movement, Professor Srinivasan said " along with Prof. Shah, Prof. Sinha worked towards popularising secularism as public policy. In this the great thinker M. N. Roy was to be their inspiration. Liberalism was the dominant philosophy that was projected by Prof. Shah and Vijay Kumar Sinha was his valuable ally in this endeavour. There was an apprehension that fundamentalism was emerging in the country and it was to counteract this that the magazine The Secularist was founded. A number of workshops in colleges in Western India were held to conduct seminars to educate the academic community in general and students in particular.

Professor Sinha’s writings were simple and highly focused. Had he chosen to be writer one could have expected many more books, papers analysing democratic values. Among his publications were Secularism in India and Modern Indian Political Thought. His articles have been published in the Journal of Bombay University and the Journal of General Education, Radical Humanist, Quest and New Quest and Freedom First. At the time of his passing he was Executive Editor of the Local Government Quarterly of the All India Institute of Local Self Government.

He was also actively associated with the IndianmLiberal Group in promoting Liberal values. This activity took him to various parts of India and his presentations on Secularism and Liberal Values drew much attention.

We at Freedom First shall miss him. We convey our deepest sympathies to the members of his family and share with them our sense of loss on their sad bereavement.





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