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Issue No.: 563 | May 2014

Of Rahul Gandhi’s Lies and Communists’ Opportunism

T. H. Chowdary
It is not out of regard for the Mahatma that his assassination is lamented and fobbed off on the RSS

Rahul Gandhi has been, either out of unforgivable ignorance or deliberate indulgence in the manner of Goebbelsian propagation of  falsehood, saying that RSS was responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and that Narendra Modi’s innocence in regard to Gujarat’s riots of  2002 has not yet been finally established. Let us see this pretender Gandhi through.

It is not out of regard for the Mahatma that his assassination is lamented and fobbed off on the RSS. On the contrary, the Nehru Dynasty while misappropriating the Mahatma’s surname has been consistently disregarding and dishonouring the Mahatma’s creed. Gandhiji desired and publicly advised that the Congress should be wound up as a political party after India’s independence and transform itself into a nation-building, constructive organisation to undertake social service and reform. Rahul’s great grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru disregarded the Mahatma’s advice and cashed on the brand name of Congress which indeed was an umbrella organisation for all patriotic Indians. Nehru’s attempts to commit the Congress to socialism never succeeded during the life-time of the Mahatma and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. After the death of Gandhi and Patel, Nehru transformed the Gandhi bhajan into Nehru bhajan; this bhajanification of Congressmen was continued by his successors as evident from the mantra. ‘Indira is India – India is Indira; followed by prefixing Rajiv’s names to about 420 projects, welfare schemes, airports, hospitals, colleges, urban development missions, roads and so on, even eclipsing the memorials to Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi not only disapproved but denounced the myriad Christian missionaries’ mendacious, alluring and inveigling evangelisation and conversion of the least informed and most indigent poor Hindus to Christianity. The Mahatma gave a categorical answer to a Christian missionary’s question as to what he would to do to Missionary (conversion) activities when India attained independence from (Christian) foreign rule. He said that if he had the power, he would expel the missionaries unless they cease conversions and confine themselves to pure humanitarian work. 

Have Sonia (the leader, director and proprietor of Congress since 1998 without a break), Rajiv, Indira and Nehru heeded to and respected and implemented the Mahatma’s clear, considered and publicly expressed view? On the contrary, since Sonia’s rule from year 2004, proselytization of the poor and ignorant is patronised by the Congress. A convert, J D Seelam, a Rajya Sabha Member from A.P at a public meeting in Jangareddigudem (West Godavari District in A.P) in the year 2013 exhorted the public to vote for the Congress as that would strengthen Christianity. Within weeks, he was made a Minister in Sonia’s UPA-II government. Is this Christianisation of India in reverence to Mahatma whose assassination Rahul laments and falsely attributes to the RSS?

Which investigation, which legal court pronounced RSS as guilty of the assassination of the Mahatma? None. True the RSS was banned by the Nehru government on suspicion but the ban was lifted when not even a shred of evidence was found. Jawaharlal used to breathe fire against the RSS. He used to publicly boast that he would crush the RSS. Poor Nehru was crushed and humiliated not by the RSS but by his bhai-bhai, communist China’s Mao Tse Tung and Chou En Lai in 1962 when they attacked and destroyed India’s Armed Forces. Nehru died because of back-stabbing by his venerable Communist China.

The very mighty man, Rahul’s great grandfather, requested and invited the very same RSS which he vowed to crush, to parade on the Republic Day in Delhi in 1963!  Does not Rahul know this? If the RSS was responsible for the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, why did Gandhi’s legatee invite the very RSS to be honoured by its march-past in the Republic Day Parade? 

Now about Narendra Modi’s Gobbelsianly repeated involvement in the Ahmadabad’s communal riots in the wake of the burning alive of two score and a half Hindus in rail bogies in Godhra in February 2002. Rahul’s father was the Prime Minister and was present in Delhi in October/November 1984 when under the direction of the Congress Party leaders, over 3,000 Sikhs were burnt and killed in an un-obstructed orgy in retaliation to Indira’s assassination by a lone Sikh. What did Rajiv say and do for days while the massacre was going on?  He said, "When a big tree falls, the earth around will shake”! And he did nothing for days to stop the slaughter of Sikhs by his party men. Modi was denounced for saying that he would feel sorry even  if a cat is run over by his  car – unlike Rajiv who dismissed  (likened) the  slaughter of Sikhs under his very nose and rule, as a  natural phenomenon! 

Special Investigating Teams of the government run by Rahul’s mother and courts have not found  Modi guilty for the Ahmedabad riots in which besides Muslims, Hindus also perished. Not a few, but many including a Minister were tried and convicted for the Gujarat riots; but successive Sonia-led Congress governments could not and did not try the Congressmen, minions of the Dynasty, who carried out the slaughter of Sikhs in Delhi in 1984. On the other hand, they were rewarded with membership of the Parliament and ministerships. When questioned on a TV interview, Rahul’s answer was, "I was not there”!  

Strange Political Actors – the Communists

The conduct and moves of the communist parties in India, especially in the context of the run up to the Lok Sabha election 2014 expose their total irrelevance and their persistent misadventures. Of the plethora of communist parties, the more vocal are the CPM and CPI.  The others are CPI (ML), CP (New Democracy), the CP of the United States of India, the Telengana Communist Party and the notorious Maoist CP with its guerrilla war groups battling the Indian State since 1976. One would wonder why there are so many communist parties and yet despite their claims of perpetual struggles to advance people’s interest, all of them put together do not get more than 5% of the popular vote. It is to the credit of the communists that despite repeated rejection by the people, they persevere in saying that the people are with them and they are involved in myriad people’s movements to defend their interest, to end exploitation, inequality and bring in real democracy.

The former USSR, which disintegrated in 1991, was the fatherland for Indian communists. Significantly, there are no communist parties in any of the satellite States of the erstwhile USSR. In Russia proper, the communist party is a remnant and, totally irrelevant in politics. The CPI used to draw its inspiration and guidance from the USSR. The CPM broke away from the CPI in 1964 shifting its allegiance from the USSR to Maoist communist China. Now that China has given up any pretence of communism except in name and has taken to the capitalist path of development, the poor CPM has no mentor. Thus the two main communist parties in India are orphans. 

The rest of the communist parties are sticking to the Marxist- Leninist- Stalinist- Maoist- Castroist fundamentalism, each interpreting Marx in its own way. India’s Communists split into many factions each claiming exclusive and correct truth. Each is led by one theoretician who thinks he has the only correct understanding of Marxism, Stalinism and Maoism.

In Andhra Pradesh, very unabashedly the CPI is ready to ally with the TRS or the Congress, whichever is prepared to have it. The TRS and the Congress are sworn enemies but the CPI has no moral stamina to choose the better of these two. To gain a few seats, it can commit its followers to any one! The CPM is seeking alliance with the YSR Congress Party led by Jagan Mohan Reddy who is supposed to have inherited land, business, and shares, to the tune of one lakh crore Rupees received from companies which benefited from his father Rajasekhara Reddy’s government. Till recently, CPM had been a deadly critique of the gargantuan corruption of the government. The CPM has no scruples in choosing any one as its ally. The other communist parties don’t count very much yet every time statements are issued in the name of "eight left parties” in the A.P. Obviously they are all ‘statement parties’. The Maoists in the jungles are waging a war and are surviving thanks to their sympathisers in the Congress

At the all-India level, the CPM/CPI leaders dream of a Third Front of some regional parties, the leader of each aspiring to be the Prime Minister. The regional parties are proprietary, casteist and minority-courting enterprises. The communist parties are ever in the company of disintegrating forces; they have visceral hostility to Hinduism which motivates their every move. They cover up that hostility chanting secularism, minority welfare, autonomy and even independence for secessionist regions. Strange indeed are India’s Communists, relics of Marx-Lenin-Stalin-Mao-Castro brand ideologues. 

Communists in India have become totally irrelevant. Marxism- Leninism as economic or social theory implemented by communist parties in several countries has utterly failed. No serious intellectual believes in any one of them. There are only two countries left in the world in the Marxist – Leninist – Stalinist – Maoist mould. The one in North Korea has become dynastic and murderous just like Stalinist Russia. The other in Cuba, where the government has become a family affair with the octogenarian Fidel Castro physically disabled to rule but his sibling taking over the reins. The communist governments in Vietnam and China are only namesakes. They are totalitarian and oligarchic parties intensely nationalist and firmly committed to virtues of work, thrift, discipline and private entrepreneurship

DR. T. HANUMAN CHOWDARY, Director: Centre for Telecom Management & Studies, Chairman, Pragna Bharati, Andhra Pradesh; Fellow: Tata Consultancy Services; formerly Chairman & Managing Director, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd; Technology Advisor: Government of Andhra Pradesh.
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