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Issue No.: 570 | December 2014

Sending Sheetal from a Red Light Area to a U.S drum school?

A Campaign launched on the Net which Freedom First commends

Forced prostitution is one of the major concerns in India right now. Girls at a young age of 10 (or even less) are pushed into this trade forcing them to become sex-workers for the rest of their lives. I always wanted to do something about it, and finally, there’s something we can do to fight against this heinous crime. 

I found that Kranti, a Mumbai based NGO has been doing some phenomenal work in raising awareness about getting sex-workers and their daughters out of the system. I am inspired by the efforts and have decided to share this story with you. 

Nineteen year old Sheetal, grew up in Mumbai’s red light area and was taught that a sex worker’s daughter ends up in the flesh trade too. However, Sheetal was found by Kranti and with the help of this NGO, she studied, underwent therapy, and unleashed her ambitions. She also found her passion – playing drums. Her dream is to study in the U.S and learn drumming. But the only thing standing in Sheetal’s way right now is financing her trip, tuition and stay in the US. Your one small contribution of even as little as Rs.100/- ($5) also can make a huge difference in sending her to a college. I really care about this project – so please come forward to support this worthy cause. 

If you’d like to tweet, post to Facebook, or email your friends about it, that would be great too! Warmly,





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