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Issue No.: 570 | December 2014

Preserving Our Nationhood and Culture

T. H. Chowdary
The decision of the government of Andhra Pradesh to observe June 2nd as Andhra Pradesh Day is ill-thought. In fact, that should be a sad day for all the Telugu people because Andhra Pradesh was disintegrated and Telugu people were divided into two separate states and their chiefs are on war path. 2nd June should be observed as a Vighatan Din that is, disintegration day

How we wish that in India there is such a law! We cannot have such a law because we are a democracy with many freedoms and rights guaranteed to every citizen. But de-Indianisation is taking place because of valueless education which is ignoring literature and history. Meaningless names like - Monika, Tanya, Sonia, Rehan, Hardan, Susan, Aryan, Aranya, Ananya, Ankita, Chakita, Bhavita, etc. If traditional names like Savitri, Rukmini, Sita, Ahalya, Annapurna, Visalakshi are given to our girls and Ramachandra, Ramakrishna, Kartikeya, Nagendra, Umapathy, Eeswara Chandra, Someswar, Vishnuvardhan, Lakshminarayana, Sri Krishna, to our boys, they will inquire after their meaning and their story and that way we can preserve our culture, tradition and history so that we are not alienated from Bharat and de-Indianised .

Dr. T. H. Chowdary, Secunderabad.





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