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Issue No.: 571 | January 2015

Aspi Moddie

A. D. Moddie or Aspi Moddie as he was better known passed away in Pune on 9 January 2014. He was 93.
His associate in the Himalayan Club, Harish Kapadia, editor emeritus of the Himalayan Journal in the obituary to Aspi Moddie wrote: "Aspi Moddie lived several lives in his long life of 93 years. He was part of the British Army and fought in the Arakan mountains in Burma. Being injured he returned to civil life soon. Starting as an IAS officer in Independent India he was posted at the India-Nepal border. In later years he developed an active interest in the Himalayan environment , and with three international colleagues promoted a movement to protect the environment. It took them eight years to give their vision concrete shape and in 1983 ICIMOD (International Centre for integrated Mountain Development) was formed at Kathmandu. This centre flourishes today as a tribute to the like of Aspi.

"For the last couple of years he moved to Pune to be near his daughter. The Himalayan Club has lost a pioneer and supporter, who was member of the Club for 65 years.

The Liberal movement in India has lost a spokesman of unparalleled competence. Aspi Moddie was a much sought-after speaker. His clarity of thought and expression and, above all, says and write, without mincing words was a pleasure to hear and read. A prolific writer his Brahmanical Culture and Modernity” is considered a classic. He wrote a number of other books the last two of which he particularly wanted us to draw the attention of Freedom First readers and members of the Indian Liberal Group were "The Failed Mahabharata” and Making of the Indian State - Making of the Indian State: History and Present Avatar”. A Failed Avatar” and Geo-Strategy in the Realm of the Blind.

Just a month before he died Freedom First published his comments on the "Cyrus Edict” about the ‘Cyrus Cylinder’ which was then being exhibited in the Museum in Mumbai. This was to be the last of the many articles he wrote for Freedom First on a wide variety of subjects.





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