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Issue No.: 572 | February 2015

Loose Cannons

Ashok Karnik
Since BJP came to power, a lot of hibernating dinosaurs....The BJP/NDA Government did not win the election on the platform of revival ..

Since BJP came to power, a lot of hibernating dinosaurs have sprung into action. Suddenly, we are reminded of the glory of our ancient civilization. We have some claiming existence of nuclear science in ancient India, others claiming knowledge of plastic surgery and ‘pushpak viman’, a third group wanting to drive out all Muslims; yet others launching re-conversion campaigns and some opposing ‘Love Jihad”; Some also found that a movie (PK) was offensive to Hindu gods and vandalized theatres showing it. Where will it stop? Even the RSS Chief joined the reconversion (Ghar Wapsi) campaign. This contradicts his own claim that all those staying in India are Hindus irrespective of their mode of worship. Why does he want to change anybody’s mode of worship? Can they all not help the Modi Government to consolidate the movement towards national progress? Every day they provide an excuse to the frustrated opposition to embarrass the Government. A mini-crisis a day is the agenda of these cultural fanatics. All the bottled up urges seem to erupt now that they have proximity to power, not realizing that their actions would damage their own chances of using that power for the progress of the country.

The BJP/NDA Government did not win the election on the platform of revival of our ancient glory. It won because of its forward looking, progressive stance which is supposed to make India a modern power. It we had all the wisdom of the world thousands of years back, should we not hang our heads in shame that we allowed all of it to disappear and sank into poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, unemployment and lost militarily time and again. Harking back to lost glory does not feed your millions! It is time to concentrate on how to move forward instead of looking back. The Sangh Parivar has been concerned about conversion of Adivasis to Christianity for long. The right course would have been to stop such forcible conversions. Reconversion is a double edged weapon and the Sangh Pariwar is liable to be blamed for forcible reconversion and be hoist with its own petard. It will be well advised to help the Modi Government in achieving its promised goals. People have no patience with failed governments. Modi is too astute to tread on the toes of his basic constituency but he has no time to mollycoddle them either.
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