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Issue No.: 572 | February 2015

What Kind of Religiosity is this?

Suresh Shirodkar.
What kind of ‘religiosity’ is this which makes the French Muslims kill innocent and unarmed Frenchmen shouting ‘’Allah Ho Akbar’’. Who are those ‘Ram Bhakts’ who shout ‘Jai Sri Ram’ and pull down a place of worship of god. What about those the followers of the ‘Buddha’ who in his name murder hundreds of Muslims in Myanmar? All this sickening, atrocious, horrendous acts in the name of Ram, Rahim or Buddha should be stopped. Even if the entire world be mono-religious, say Muslim (as the honourable Owaisi claims – all children are born Muslim) who is to feed the 6 billion mouths? Bread does not come from above, God does not shower food. One sincerely hopes and prays that God put some sense in the heads of these monsters – a creation of religion; phew it’s all so confusing. 

Professor SURESH SHIRODKAR, Kolhapur






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