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Issue No.: 575 | May 2015

In this Issue

R. Srinivasan
The last few days have witnessed renewed interest in Subhas Chandra Bose and many have reminisced and written on various aspects of his charismatic personality. He was once the idol of both young and old. His sudden disappearance and reports of ‘being seen’ and the probabilities of making a come-back had filled people with a sense of mystery. An alternative to the Congress was envisaged at that time by the younger generation and there was expectation in the air. A few pages of this issue explore these aspects.

Political changes in the country have not dimmed memories of the Swatantra Party and in some regions, its future prospects may still hold some promise. And these are explored in a three-part article on the history of the Swatantra Party in Gujarat by Dr. Usha Thakkar.

The issue also examines the state of the economy as it presents divergent perspectives from different angles in a thought-provoking article by Sunil Bhandare. And juxtaposed with the presentation by Dr. B. Ramesh Babu in his piece on Modi goes abroad again, we see the complexities of the Indian economic scene.

It is with a deep sense of reverence that we remember our Founder, Minoo Masani on his 17th death anniversary on the 27th of this month.






Other Articles in this Issue


In this Issue

R. Srinivasan

The Bose Engima

Netaji Betrayed?

Ashok Karnik

Was Jawaharlal Nehru Responsible for “snooping” on Bose?

V. Balachandran

The National Scene

State of the Economy – Issues and Challenges

Sunil S. Bhandare

Abusive words can’t be used for Mahatma


BJP’s strategy in J&K remains an enigma

H. R. Bapu Satyanarayana

Poor Farmer


The Modi Government

Saffronisation is Creeping Up On Us

Firoze Hirjikaka

The Rural Perspective - 6

Agriculture and Rural Indebtedness - VII

R. M. Mohan Rao

Point Counter Point : Every issue has at least two sides

Protocol Vs. Policy

Ashok Karnik

What is wrong with AAP?

Ashok Karnik

The Missing VIP

Ashok Karnik

Foreign Relations in the 21st Century

Modi Goes Abroad Again: Target Development Agenda at Home

B. Ramesh Babu

The Iran N Deal: Whose Fate Will it Seal?

Nitin G. Raut

The Swatantra Party in Gujarat - A Historical Perspective

The Swatantra Party in Gujarat : A Shooting Star

Usha Thakkar
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