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Issue No.: 575 | May 2015

BJP’s strategy in J&K remains an enigma

H. R. Bapu Satyanarayana
The latest incident of separatists and their followers including the chief ideologue Sayeed Gilani hoisting the Pakistani flag in Srinagar is an affront to the self-respect of India but also an act of sedition under clause 124 (a) of our Constitution. And yet in the television discussion the defence, a representative of Bharatiya Janta Party could not carry conviction while Nizamuddin Bhatt of Peoples Democratic Party with whom BJP has formed the government was plainly out of depth with reality. It may be a small group that is involved but it has the potential to grow bigger if the Centre fails to arrest such seditious tendencies.

It may be recalled when Masarat was released a month ago when there was consternation in the country knowing that he was involved in many terrorist activities. The BJP came with an explanation that he cannot be rearrested and the Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that he can only be arrested if he commits any act under which he can be charged and rearrested.

The question is, is not this show of defiance by hoisting the Pakistani flag serious enough to jail him? The chief minister Mukti Mohammad Sayeed, whose sympathy with Pakistan is known, appears to remains unperturbed. It may be noted that 4,767 soldiers died after the Kargil war and Pakistan is flexing its muscles now and then mounting terrorist attack across the border and this type of attitude of ‘Wait and See’ will only means that BJP which is riding high in popularity can easily lose voters’ sympathy and its dream of continuing for a prolonged period in power may be in real danger. Wonder whether the BJP’s strategy is to give a long rope to the separatists so that emboldened they commit some serious act of terrorism or sedition when the Centre will move with a heavy hand? This is fraught with lot of uncertainty and may boomerang if the mischief is not nipped in the bud.

MR. H. R. BAPU SATYANARAYANA is a freelance writer
based in Mysore. Email:





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