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Issue No.: 576 | June 2015

Remembering Raju

Firoze Hirjikaka
It was with deep sadness and shock that I learnt that S. V. Raju tragically (to paraphrase Robert Frost) went to sleep when he still had miles to go. I am certain he is celebrating with the angels right now. Raju was much more than the editor of a journal that provided intellectual stimulation for over two generations of discerning readers – he was an institution. It could not have been easy stepping into the shoes of the legendary Minoo Masani, but Raju accomplished this task with flair and determination. During his stint with the Swatantra Party – a party whose rectitude and integrity has never been replicated before or since in Indian politics – he stuck to his principles even as politicians all around him were succumbing to the lure of patronage and easy money.

It is to Raju’s credit that Freedom First, despite its modest circulation, gave an unbiased voice to opinions from all sections of society. Although the magazine was perennially short of funds, he never gave in to the temptation of crass commercialization, which would have impacted the journal’s integrity. Even against seemingly impossible odds, he kept the magazine going for half a century: an achievement almost without parallel in Indian journalism. All the while, Freedom First enhanced its reputation; gathering an ever more distinguished legion of faithful subscribers. He rarely judged, even when he disagreed with some of the opinions expressed by contributors. I myself had a somewhat acrimonious interaction with him on the subject of our current Prime Minister, but to his credit, he did not allow his annoyance to come in the way of publishing my articles. He will be sorely missed.

Firoze Hirjikaka





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