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Issue No.: 576 | June 2015

Guntur Remembers Raju


Members of the Guntur chapter of the Liberal Group along with Avagahana, a local voluntary organization, held a meeting on May 20 to pay their respects to their sincere and committed friend S. V. Raju. Dr. L. S. N. Prasad, Secretary of the Liberal Group, Andhra Pradesh reports.

Dr. Y. Sivaji, recalling his long-time friendship and association with Raju says, in his opening remarks, that Raju was a personality of journalistic ethics par excellence. Raju maintained a cordial relationship with the old guards of the freedom movement and the leaders of the Swatantra Party such as Rajaji, Minoo Masani, N.G. Ranga and others. However, he never took advantage of his closeness to them. He is the last man who saw the ups and downs of the Swatantra Party. He was a link between the old Swatantrites and the modern liberals. He was the "other Minoo Masani” who trained late N.T. Rama Rao on management of the government, public as well as political relations.

Dr. Sivaji found Raju very amenable with students. They would gather around him and listen to his stories of the past with great admiration. Raju encouraged the youth to be fair and frank in meeting their goals. He was instrumental in the formation of the Youth Wing in the Liberal Group.

Mr. V. V. S. Rama Rao, Member, Cotton Advisory Board remembers Raju assisting him in organizing programmes on agriculture and rural indebtedness, not only in Guntur but also in other parts of Andhra Pradesh along with the agriculture colleges and groups. He too spoke of the ease with which Raju took the youth under his wing and helped in organizing various programmes to inculcate the liberal ideology among them. Mr. Rama Rao offered his assistance in publishing any material that may have remained unpublished so that the liberal thought is not lost, but is circulated to a wider section of people.

Mr. Sivaramireddy lauded Raju’s contribution in propagating economic reforms and liberalization in India. He said that Raju’s contribution as editor of Freedom First is commendable. He called him a liberal philosopher and sincerely hoped that his work and ideals are carried forward by his friends in the Liberal Group.

Mr. Ch Seshayya, former president of the Telugu Desam Party, Prakasam District admired Raju’s active personality and his tireless effort in the development and propagation of liberal ideology upto his last breath.

The other speakers included Mr. Ranga Rao, farmers’ leader, Dr. L.S.N. Prasad, Secretary, ILG-AP and Mr. P. S. Murthy, Secretary, Andhra Intellectual Forum. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Bhasyam Narasayya, leader of the Telugu Desam Party, Guntur. The meeting ended with a two-minute silence in memory of Mr. S. V. Raju.






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