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Issue No.: 576 | June 2015


Ashok Karnik
The trial of Lakhvi has assumed farcical tones.....In international matters, we appear a little child-like in believing that the world would come to our aid 

The trial of Lakhvi has assumed farcical tones over the last few years. His trial for the Mumbai attack is in the limbo and he is on bail. Meanwhile he has been detained from time to time. His detention has assumed more importance than the main case. We are upset when he is released from detention and forget that the main case is suffering from benign neglect. Now the Pak High court has warned the prosecution to expedite the terror case but the prosecution is unlikely to do much. They blame India for not providing evidence quickly as if it is India’s obligation to provide proof of a conspiracy hatched in Pakistan. India has been giving dossiers after dossiers and the Pak Foreign Minister has described it as deserving a place in the waste-paper basket. India’s mistake is that it earnestly believed that Pakistan would gratefully accept the evidence provided by India and use it for prosecuting the conspirators of 26/11. The reality is that Pakistan knew who the conspirators were all along and in fact its ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) was at the root of the attack. We appear to be naïve enough to believe that Pakistan would punish its own for an attack carried out as a part of Pakistan’s long-term strategy. The same logic applies to Hafiz Saeed, J-u-D leader, who moves all over Pakistan spouting venom against India and threatens to attack us. We expect Pakistan to take action against Hafiz Saeed as the fountainhead of fanaticism and terrorism in Pakistan! What dream-world we are living in?

In international matters, we appear a little child-like in believing that the world would come to our aid as it recognizes that India is the injured party. The mistake made in J&K in 1948 is repeated in one form or another as we innately believe in our motto, ‘Satyamev Jayte” (Truth Prevails). Truth does not prevail in international affairs; only national interests prevail. Do we believe that the US does not have adequate proof of Pakistan’s perfidy in the terror attacks in India? The US perhaps knows more than we do. What it does with that knowledge is the problem. The US will act against Pakistan only when it suits US interests. No country helps another country because it is right; it helps it if the action furthers its own interests. The US joins India in the fight against terrorism not because it has compassion for India but because terrorism threatens the US as much as it does India. We must calculate why the world would help us. Not for our sake! Not because Lakhvi, an international terrorist has been released from jail or Hafiz Saeed threatens clandestine war. It will do so only when it is threatened by Lakhvi/Saeed’s actions. We will have to fight our own battles and not depend on the US, UK. Israel, France, etc. Now we have complained to the UN about the release of Lakhvi on bail but it may end up in unending paper pushing. Wailing and whining because the world does nothing is not the solution; if we have a problem, we should solve it ourselves. Running to the big brother is not the answer.
Every issue has at least two sides. A wise person examines all sides before coming to a conclusion. This is an attempt to present various sides of an issue so that a considered opinion can be formed.

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