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Issue No.: 576 | June 2015

Farmers’ Suicides

Ashok Karnik
The suicides of farmers have awakened the country .... It has become a political necessity to promise radical changes in the rural income patterns. 

The suicides of farmers have awakened the country to the plight of our countrymen who have been taken for granted for centuries. The dependence of farmers on the monsoon and their desperation when the monsoon fails or wavers was common knowledge. India is no stranger to famines although famines are no longer the killers they used to be due to improved transportation and better communication in the last 60 years. That is at least one thing we can be thankful for after Independence. Still the farmer’s plight has not changed greatly. He has been fighting a losing battle against poor irrigation, increased cost of cultivation, un-remunerative prices for his produce, etc. At the best of times a farmer has work on his farm, roughly 120 days in a year, as most farmers can take only one crop a year. He needs other sources of income. Various well-meaning suggestions for rural income generation have been made. Several solutions are available but all will take time and nobody has time. We have the great ability to split hairs and not allow any project to go through smoothly. This ensures that no solution is quickly adopted.

It has become a political necessity to promise radical changes in the rural income patterns. Every party promises a lot and does not or cannot do much. It is not as if the parties are insincere; they may be genuinely concerned but their priorities shift. Agriculture is a vast problem that has no immediate remedy. Centuries-old problems cannot be resolved in 5 years or even in a decade but a beginning has to be made. No Government has the courage to admit that it cannot solve the problem in its tenure. It therefore makes false promises; no long-term measures are initiated and the problem festers. Sometimes, it bursts out in the form of desperate farmers killing themselves. Media gets into a frenzy blaming the existing dispensation and pointing out the omissions of the past. Very little thought is given to what can be started now which may bear fruit after may be 15 years. Let the country know that the problem will persist for a long time, instead of promising quick fixes. That party may lose the next election but the problem would move towards some solution.
Every issue has at least two sides. A wise person examines all sides before coming to a conclusion. This is an attempt to present various sides of an issue so that a considered opinion can be formed.

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