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Issue No.: 577 | July 2015

Modi's Year in Power

Ashok Karnik
Numerous opinion polls and scholarly discussions have pointed out that.....the incomplete tasks are many and there is no possibility....

Numerous opinion polls and scholarly discussions have pointed out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has retained people’s faith despite unfulfilled promises. The opposition, particularly the Congress, went at him hammer and tongs with Rahul Gandhi showing rare aggression. Dr. Manmohan Singh’s bid to defend his Government by denying all scams was counter-productive as it recalled everything that was wrong with UPA II. The opinion of media scholars were slanted due to each scholar’s ideological predilection and got confusing in the end as they out-shouted and contradicted each other. Modi himself started the ball rolling by pointing out what would have happened if the previous non-functioning regime of UPA II had continued. He avoided responding to each incomplete task he had promised to finish. Election hype had made the BJP/Modi promise the unachievable as if they had the magic wand. No serious thinker accepted these promises but the common man does get carried away and expects miracles. Modi’s achievement was that he managed to put it across that he was trying his best. The Modi euphoria has dissipated but the hope in Modi is alive.

The incomplete tasks are many and there is no possibility that any Government – Modi or no Modi – can deliver everything. For example, agriculture will take decades to become profitable, corruption can be slowed but not eradicated, prices would depend more on international developments rather than internal controls, black money generation can be impeded but black money in foreign banks cannot be brought back readily, foreign investment would be welcome but Sangh Pariwar itself would oppose some of it; rabid Hindu fanatics would continue to embarrass the Government through ‘Ghar Wapsi’, Ram Mandir, beef ban; Land Acquisition Bill would continue to divide the country. The expectations are huge and achievements cannot keep pace. There are signs that Modi has managed to get the RSS to back him fully and blunt the Pariwar’s attacks but can Nagpur rein in all the hotheads? Modi’s successes on the foreign front are spectacular but would it matter to the common man ultimately? One year is too early to write an obituary or a certificate of excellence for a Government which has just made a beginning. We are moving through interesting times with great possibilities but will it all end in disillusionment? Every issue has at least two sides. A wise person examines all sides before coming to a conclusion. This is an attempt to present various sides of an issue so that a considered opinion can be formed. 
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