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Issue No.: 577 | July 2015

Facts and Rumours

Ashok Karnik
We tend to believe in rumours that reflect badly on our implies the police escorting parties...

We tend to believe in rumours that reflect badly on our administration because we do not trust our public servants, be they politicians or government employees. The rumour factory is constantly fed by TV channels who survive on digging out one scandal after another. Sometimes rumours turn out to be right and we are shocked into disbelief. One such expose is doing the rounds. It claims that Mustaffa Dossa, henchman of Dawood Ibrahim, accused in the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993, is active from Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail while awaiting trial. It was alleged that while being produced in court from time to time he interviewed and selected 3 models out of 8 applicants for his jewellery shop in Dubai. One of the models accosted by bogus police officers outside the Court seized her token payment and left her without job or money. She realized the trick and registered a police complaint. The dubious business activity would not have come to light otherwise. Dossa would have run his jewellery business profitably from jail or may be doing so even now.

This is unbelievable; it implies that the police escorting party facilitated the business of a terrorist; the models were so desperate for work that they did not mind being auditioned by a jailed terrorist and the accused had the audacity to carry on his business from Court premises. The jail authorities would wash their hands off saying that they hand over the accused to the police escorting party to take him to court and what happens outside the jail is not their responsibility. The anti-terrorist squad which nabbed the accused would feel that their job is over. The escorting party which is possibly headed by a lowly official gets the axe! It is common practice to leave the accused to the escorting party unless they are Kasab or Afzal Guru who may be rescued by their brothers in terror and therefore, need special attention. Dossa is a smaller fry! Is it a systemic failure or human greed that makes this possible? In how many places can we darn the tattered fabric of our morality?
Every issue has at least two sides. A wise person examines all sides before coming to a conclusion. This is an attempt to present various sides of an issue so that a considered opinion can be formed.

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