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Issue No.: 410 | July 1991

After 40 years of Stability


Bankruptcy of Ideas

Tanmay Datta

Rural Economy Ruined

Bhanu Pratap Singh

Unstable Economic Policies

S. Ambirajan

Book Reviews


Voices from Within

R. Srinivasan

Socialisation, Education and Women

R. Srinivasan

Trying to Grow

Homi J. Vakeel

Between Marx and Christ

Lionel Fernandes

Secularism - Law and The Constitution of India

Dileep Dalal

The State in Burma

Venkatesh Raghavan



Home Truths for India

The Sunday Times

The Setting of the Rising Sun

Prema Nandkumar

Of Freedom and Restraint


A Country in Prison

The Times (London)

Edmund Burke - The Philosopher of Conservatism

G.N. Sarma

My Impressions of the Soviet Union

A.G. Modak

India and Israel

T.H. Chowdary

On Taxes

S.Y. Agnon

BJP - The New Bogey-man of Indian Politics

R. Srinivasan and S.V. Raju

Of Cabbages and kings


Devaluing the Bharat Ratna


Mourning Dead VIPs


The Masani Viewpoint


Congress Culture Must Change

Minoo Masani

Survival International

Minoo Masani



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