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Issue No.: 573 | March 2015

Between Ourselves...


Between Ourselves

Dedicating our February issue to the great Liberal, Gopal Krishna Gokhale on his...

The Magna Carta


800th Anniversary of the Signing of the Magna Carta

R. Srinivasan
In a sense we are all spiritual heirs of the Document that was...

A Tribute to Jamsetji Tata on his 175 Birth Anniversary


Jamshetji Tata Commemorative Coins – A Gesture of the Country’s Gratitude

Dattatraya R. Pendse
"A score of Tatas might do more for India than any Government, British...

Honouring Jamsetji Tata on his 175th Birth Anniversary

Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a commemorative coin in honour of Jamsetji Tata,...

Thank God for the TATA’s – A Tribute

Lakshmi Mittal
I visited Jamshedpur over the weekend to see for myself an India that...

Narendra Modi and Governance


Thoughts on Recent Political Developments

B. Satyanarayana
It holds a lesson for Modi that in order regain the trust of...

BJP and Narendra Modi

S. Arunajatesan
It is easy to talk and raise peoples’ expectation sky high, but difficult...

Obama Visit: An Era of Modi Doctrine

Nitin G. Raut
In geopolitical terms, the emergence of China as a military and economic global...

The Delhi Elections


What We Are Worried About

Dharmendra Nagda
The oft repeated phrase "All is fair in love and war” deserves to...

Muffler Man Muffles Modi's Roar

Dharmendra Nagda
That Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party has come trumps is a good sign...

The AAP Victory

N R Bala
Congratulations are in order for the Aam Aadmi Party's resounding success in the...

The Spectacular Victory of AAP

Vappala Balachandran
The highly discerning public of Delhi who voted for the BJP as a...

Political Paralysis of BJP and Congress

B. N. Mehrish
While the younger age groups wanted to see Kejriwal as Chief Minister, the...

The Anti-Renaissance of Kiran Bedi

Firoze Hirjikaka
The person I feel most sorry for is simple, earnest Anna Hazare. Bedi,...

Delhi Election Result

Phiroze Jhaveri
Aam Aadmi Party = 67; BJP = 03; Others = 00. Now you can...

Campaign Financing

At the root of campaign financing in all democracies lies a trade-off: any...

Point Counter Point : Every issue has at least two side


The Obama Visit

Ashok Karnik
President Obama’s visit was considered important .......It is true that "deliverables” are difficu......

The Delhi Jolt

Ashok Karnik
The Delhi election results have hit the BJP hard ......The simple truth is...

Freedom versus Licence

Ashok Karnik
The case of Priya Pillai, Greenpeace activist, is intriguing;....The Government has already red-fl......

The Rural Perspective (1)


Union Budget 2015-16 : Taking Care of Farmers’ Interests

Yalamanchili Sivaji
An industrialist can manufacture goods and sell them anywhere in the country and...

The Rural Perspective (2)


Union Budget 2015-16 Exploitation of Agriculture

Sharad Joshi
In all my writings on the subject of exploitation of agriculture, I have...

Foreign Relations in the 21st Century


Global Power Structure in Transition: A New Bipolar World Underway? Part Two

B. Ramesh Babu
Relations between nations are multi-faceted and there is always room for disagreements on...

Will Merkel and Hollande Succeed in De-escalating Conflict in Ukraine?

R. G. Gidadhubli
Not content with Poroshenko’s offer of political and economic incentives to separatists for...

People to People Contact – Cant’ Resolve the Indo-Pakistan Conflict

Suresh C. Sharma
At the 18th SAARC meet, more than any tangible action, what resonated more...

Political Transition in Sri Lanka and Its Impact on Asia Balance Of Power

B. N. Mehrish
The newly elected Sri Lanka President Sirisena is known for his anti-China stance. There...

On the Eve of the Union Budget 2015-16


Distortion, Damned Distortion and National Accounts Statistics

Sunil S. Bhandare
How does such statistically driven enhancement of growth rates help policy makers and...

Educating Adults


‘Nehruvian Ideology and the Indian Celluloid’ Report on a Film Festival in a Mumbai College

Mithilaa Naik-Satam
The Filmfest was to commemorate the 125th Birth Anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru The Departme...... - A Repository for All Indian Liberal Works

" is an online library of Indian liberal works. So far we have...

Sone Ki Chidiya

Supratim Basu
Dear Friend, It is my privilege to forward to you the first edition of...

Sone Ki Chidiya’s Total Reform Agenda : An Executive Summary

Upon becoming independent, India started with a reasonably good Constitution based on the...

Book Review



Sanjiv Agarwal

Not Just An Accountant : A comment by V.Krishna Moorthy

I recently finished reading Not Just An Accountant by Vinod Rai, former CAG. An...

From Our Readers


Freedom First and Always

R C Saxena
Just when I was about to conclude that there is, of late, a...

In defence of Jawaharlal Nehru’s Foreign Policy

B. P. Rastogi
Why Jawaharlal Nehru kept a distance from the USA can be understood from...

Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar Reservoirs

T. H. Chowdary
The suggestion of the Government of Andhra Pradesh that the Central Government should...

One Airport – Two Names

T. H. Chowdary
Digvijay Singh is a very loquacious spokesperson of the Congress. While in Hyderabad...



Traffic Offenders are not Felons

"You can’t keep treating normal people with traffic tickets like felons. I live...

How to Stop Worrying

Minoo Masani
Being of a somewhat worrying temperament I found myself at the beginning of...

A Definition of “Political Correctness”

There’s an annual contest at Bond University, Australia, calling for the most appropriate...

India’s Greatest Ironies

In the IAS exam a candidate writes a brilliant 1500 words essay about...

Summit on Countering Violent Extremism

Thomas L. Friedman
I’ve never been a fan of global conferences to solve problems, but when...

Greenpeace Vandalism in Peru

Greenpeace is an environmentalist organization that specializes in "direct actions” – i.e., public......



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