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Issue No.: 575 | May 2015



In this Issue

R. Srinivasan
The last few days have witnessed renewed interest in Subhas Chandra Bose and...

The Bose Engima


Netaji Betrayed?

Ashok Karnik
The reported surveillance mounted on the relatives of Netaji Subhaschandra Bose from 1948...

Was Jawaharlal Nehru Responsible for “snooping” on Bose?

V. Balachandran
The recent controversy on whether Jawaharlal Nehru had personally authorized "snooping” on Netaji...

The National Scene


State of the Economy – Issues and Challenges

Sunil S. Bhandare
The most vexatious issue currently confronting the Modi Government is the perception-reality diver......

Abusive words can’t be used for Mahatma

The SC said that in the name of artistic freedom, poets and authors...

BJP’s strategy in J&K remains an enigma

H. R. Bapu Satyanarayana
The latest incident of separatists and their followers including the chief ideologue Sayeed...

Poor Farmer

Poor Farmer We can live without Cigarette, still the one who makes Cigarette is Ri......

The Modi Government


Saffronisation is Creeping Up On Us

Firoze Hirjikaka
Let me state at the outset that I am aware of many well-meaning...

The Rural Perspective - 6


Agriculture and Rural Indebtedness - VII

R. M. Mohan Rao
Freedom from British Rule did little to improve the lot of the Farmer....

Point Counter Point : Every issue has at least two sides


Protocol Vs. Policy

Ashok Karnik
Modi Government has consciously adopted a more muscular policy towards Pakistan....despite the pre......

What is wrong with AAP?

Ashok Karnik
One may not have agreed with what AAP was doing, doling our freebees...

The Missing VIP

Ashok Karnik
Rahul Gandhi is missing for long is he on a holiday or doing introspection,...

Foreign Relations in the 21st Century


Modi Goes Abroad Again: Target Development Agenda at Home

B. Ramesh Babu
The foreign policy of a country is an integral part of the national...

The Iran N Deal: Whose Fate Will it Seal?

Nitin G. Raut
With West Asia on the boil and the beguiling vagueness of the FA,...

The Swatantra Party in Gujarat - A Historical Perspective


The Swatantra Party in Gujarat : A Shooting Star

Usha Thakkar
The emergence of the Swatantra consolidated the opposition forces to fight against the...



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